Assistant Brewer / Brewer in Sofia Electric Brewing

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Job Title: Assistant Brewer / Brewer

Salary: starting salary BGN800 - BGN1200/monthnet depending on experience & qualifications

Hours: 40 hours per week

Location: Sofia Electric Brewing, ul. Industrialna 11, 15 min walk from Sofia University

Company Background: Sofia Electric Brewingis our 20HL brewery. Since launching in 2020, our brewery has quickly established itself amongst the leading breweries in the country. We make beers like they should be: big juicy flavours with tonnes of hops; fun, playful and interesting flavour combinations and classics that demonstrate an uncompromising approach to quality. We always try to get fantastic collabs with breweries from across the world.

We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our expanding brewery full of passion and potential. You’ll be working for our talented Head Brewer Remy Chaloner. If you have a sense of adventure, integrity, a hard work ethic and an uncompromising ethos when it comes to quality then this is the job for you. Below is an outline of the tasks associated with this role, it is a non-exhaustive list. Being a new business in our infancy it is an ever-evolving list and key to the smooth running of our brewery is having a strong, collaborative team who have a genuine desire to help each other.

Job description:

● Main duties

o Brewing!

o Tank cleaning

o Kegging

o Brewery cleaning

o Hosting brewery tours

o Attending weekly calendar meetings with the team

o Taking and recording brew data

o Attending public events such as Meet The Brewer, beer festivals etc

o Assisting on staff brew days

o Data inputting on brewery technological logs

o Installation and maintenance of service equipment
● Other duties may include

o Recipe development

o Canning and packaging

o Transferring beer

o Tidying and cleaning for tap opening

o Handling sales enquiries

o Helping to organise brewery space

o Moving stock / warehouse organisation

o Building stuff!

o Beer deliveries

o Picking up / delivering goods

Must haves:

● Brewing experience / qualification / avid home brewer / willing to learn

● A good knowledge of beer

● Good knowledge of the technical and scientific aspects of brewing

● Diligence; including a relentless, uncompromising dedication to cleanliness and sanitation

● Ability to handle/lift full kegs (30KG)

● Basic computer literacy

● Good work ethic

● Be a nice person


EU driving license

● Creativity – to help to develop beer recipes

● Chemistry, biology, maths and English qualifications

● The ability and confidence to handle a drill driver, a wood saw and a spirit level. At least have a go!

● Charm, charisma, wit

In case you are interested to jump in the world of fermentations get in touch at: with a CV and a sort summary of your interests.