Fulbright Commission - Bulgaria starts the new cycle for the academic exchange programs to the US (AY 2023-24)

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Fulbright Commission - Bulgaria starts the new cycle for the academic exchange programs to the US (AY 2023-24).

The grants competition for Bulgarian Scholars (PhD holders), Visiting Researchers (PhD Students) and NGO representatives are open!

You can learn all the program details and apply by Dec. 5, 2022:

Grants for BG Visiting Scholars (3-5 months research or teaching in the US) [3]

Grants for Doctoral Students (6 months non-degree research toward thesis completion) [4]

Grants for Civil Society (3-5 months exchange of best practices with US NGOs) [5]


We also have some good news for the Bulgarian graduate students in relation to the newly announced "Fulbright Bulgarian Leaders Grants". [6]


To present all these programs, the Fulbright Commission invites potential applicants to a virtual information session [7] on SEPTEMBER 19 at 5 P.M. The Fulbright Executive Director Angela Rodel and the Program Officer Maria Kostova will outline competition parameters, offer advice and consultations to prospective candidates. To learn more on these new academic and career development opportunities, please register for the webinar:





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